In the entertaining game of Woodoku, you must arrange blocks on the playing field in order to vanish them and score as many points as you can.

The gameplay is not particularly difficult. An empty 9×9 board is in front of you, and as you continue to arrange wooden blocks on the board, more blocks appear underneath. Drag these asymmetrical pieces onto the board, trying to arrange them so that they fill any empty rows, columns, or squares to make them vanish and get you points. When no more pieces can be placed, the game will end. To achieve this, take the pieces from the bottom of the screen and place them on the area of the board where you want them to go.

You can enjoy playing Woodoku without any time restrictions, which is one of its key advantages. The game also features excellent sound effects and graphics. Even while the game already appears to be fantastic, keep in mind that you can play it offline from any location you choose.

It’s simple to learn how to play Woodoku, but it takes some practise to become an expert. To make the wooden pieces vanish, concentrate on placing them in groups on the board to create rows, squares, and columns.

How to play Woodoku – the wood block puzzle game :

To remove wood blocks from the board, fill a row, column, or square by dragging wood block forms onto the wooden grid.

* To score Combo points, remove several rows, areas, or squares of wood blocks!

* To earn Streak points, combine wood blocks every turn!

* Score as many points as you can to surpass your previous best!

* Complete each Woodoku logic game!

* Play this woody puzzle to have a woody good time!

Woodoku Journey

Interested in new sudoku challenges and logic puzzles? Hundreds of brand-new logic and block puzzle games are added every week as part of the thematic Woodoku adventure. To acquire gems and great prizes is the objective of each Woodoku puzzle game. The finest wood block sudoku game is called Woodoku, and it has a straightforward yet addicting gameplay style similar to Sudoku 1010 and Tetris.

Everyday Conundrums and Tasks

Give the daily puzzles a try! Daily updates include new logic games. To maintain your daily puzzle streak, match squares and collect gems.


Features of the wooden block puzzle game Woodoku :

* pleasing musical effects and gorgeous images.

* a tactile game with a real-looking wood tile design.

* Playing with wood blocks is unhurried and relaxing.


Compared to Tetris, Woodoku has a slightly different gameplay. It is required that you arrange the blocks on a 9×9 tabletop. On the table, there are already a number of additional fixed-color squares. Under the wooden table will appear one or more various shapes at the start of the game (each consisting of many squares combined, arranged in any order). Your job is to move these blocks onto the wooden table, arrange them in the most logical way, and then combine them with the coloured squares that were already on the table to create a solid, gap-free square of wood. At this time, the freshly formed wooden block will vanish off the table, obliterated. Keep going in this manner until you cross the screen.

Both the amount of squares on the table and the shapes that first appear beneath it are modest and quite straightforward. When you look at it, you can immediately envision how they might fit together. But as time goes on, the challenge becomes more difficult. There are currently numerous blocks strewn across the wooden table. The blocks that emerge below are varied, and it can be challenging to predict what shapes they will take at times, not to mention that there is always a time constraint.

There are three circumstances.

  • You lose if you don’t get enough points within the allotted period.
  • You also lose if there is still time but the wooden block is flooded with strewn wooden blocks that cannot be merged because of faulty layout.
  • You can advance to the next level only after removing the specified number of wooden blocks while still having enough time left.

This game’s player interaction is as simple as touch-drag-drop on the screen: drag the blocks below and arrange them on the 9×9 wooden board as you see fit. You only need to keep repeating the aforementioned technique till you pass the level because once the hi2h bricks are filled and form a complete block, they will immediately vanish off the wooden board.

You can get a lot of combination points in Woodoku by simultaneously deleting several rows, sections, or squares. Gain Streak Points by removing several blocks in a row in a single turn. The level of difficulty rises in proportion to the number of points earned, increasing both thrill and challenge. Even though, unlike in many other mobile games, the score cannot be exchanged for any things, Woodoku’s appeal derives from the sense of accomplishment you get when you beat your own records. Every time I walk by the sight, I exhale in relief and wonder, “Who is so smart?”. Who plays this game, in all honesty, without experiencing those kinds of moments of complacency?

Download Woodoku APK for Android

A really soothing, unwinding sudoku puzzle game is called Woodoku. People who formerly adored Tetris ought to try Woodoku today.

How to download and install Woodoku Mod APK 3.02.00

The website to download the Woodoku mod.

The “Unknown Sources” option needs to be turned on.

1. To download the Woodoku MOD APK, click the Download button at the top of the page.

2. In the downloads folder on your device, save the file.

3. To instal Woodoku, click on the downloaded file, then wait for the process to be finished.

4. Open the game and begin playing as soon as it is finished.

You can also download the People Playground «A7V» (v.1.26+)


Is Woodoku free to play?

Yes, For Android and iOS, Woodoku is available for free download and play.

How to undo a move in Woodoku?

Woodoku requires you to carefully consider each block you move because you cannot rotate or undo a puzzle..

Can I play Woodoku offline?

Yes, To play it without a network, Woodoku supports offline playback.