An exclusive app for Android tablets called Microsoft Word apk Preview enables you to create, edit, and of course view any Word-formatted document. With great image quality, all from your Android mobile.

It’s crucial to know that Microsoft Word Preview includes a number of prerequisites. You must have an Android-powered device with at least a 7-inch screen, at least 1 gigabyte of RAM, and Android 4.4 or higher in order to use it. You won’t be able to use the app if any of your device’s specifications are not met.

You may write, edit, and view any document in Word format with Microsoft Word Preview, a special programme for Android tablets. Using the best image quality possible, all from your Android mobile.

Microsoft Word Preview contains a number of critical prerequisites, it’s crucial to note. You must have a device that runs Android 4.4 or higher, has at least 1 GB of RAM, and has a minimum screen size of 7 inches in order to use it. The app won’t work on your smartphone if it doesn’t comply with any of these specifications.


— A large selection of lovely templates for a variety of documents, including forms, resumes, and cover letters.

— A wide range of effective tools for composing and polishing your writing assignments.

— With only a few clicks, quickly convert and edit PDF files.

Reading View Mode allows you to comfortably view any paper.

— As a team, collaborate on and edit documents that you may then distribute.

The office is no longer the only place where people write and collaborate. Use your mobile device to collaborate on projects, edit documents, share notes, and write a persuasive cover letter. Creating, reading, editing, and sharing documents is simple. No of the formats, one of the top free writing tools for writing on the move is Microsoft Word.

Use the Word app to easily access files and make modifications. The built-in document viewer allows you to read documents, view attachments, and modify PDF files. Share documents and notes in the format of your choosing. Word’s professional editing features let you create documents on the go.

The template gallery offers resume templates as well as newsletter and brochure designs. Choose the documents you want, then begin.

A project manager, blogger, journalist, or writer: You can move with Microsoft Word.

The all-purpose Docs app lets you write letters, make templates, read Word documents, edit documents, and work remotely with your team.

Create Documents

• Utilize our lovely templates to create cover letters with Microsoft Word.

• Creating documents for any writing assignment is simple.

• Editing with detailed layout and formatting.

• Document editors maintain beautiful formats and layouts.

• The Docs app has templates for forms, cover letters, resumes, and more.

Read, Write and Edit

• On your device, read documents, letters, PDFs, and scripts in Reading View.

• Edit PDF files by switching between Word and PDF formats.

• PDF file conversion: after editing, save as a PDF and share the PDF with ease.

Collaborate and Share With Anyone, Anywhere

• Use Office Suite to collaborate and add comments to your document directly below the text.

The built-in documents reader can be used to view any document.

• Read and modify documents together, keeping track of changes to the content, formatting, and layout.

• Edit documents in the past using the editor’s history feature.

Microsoft Word apk for Anything

• Use elegantly crafted contemporary templates to create documents such as letters, blogs, screenplays, notes, resumes, and more.

Share documents through email, a link, or an attachment.

• Use Word’s templates to quickly write a letter.

• Proofread any document, verify for spelling, and review it.

Sharing Simplified

• Share files & collaborate with a few taps.

• File and document permission management: View the status of each project.

• Attach PDFs & documents to emails or copy files into the body of emails with their formatting preserved.

Download Microsoft Word for a hassle-free writing experience that lets you edit documents from any location.


at least 1 GB of RAM

When using a device with a screen less than 10.1 inches, you must sign in with a free Microsoft account in order to create or edit documents.

A valid Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac will allow you to access the complete Microsoft experience.

If you purchase a Microsoft 365 membership using the app, your Play Store account will be charged. If auto-renewal is not turned off in advance, it will renew itself within 24 hours of the current subscription period’s conclusion. Within the Play Store account settings, you may manage your subscriptions. During the time that the subscription is still in effect, it cannot be canceled.

A different privacy policy and set of terms and conditions apply to this app, which is offered by either Microsoft or a third-party app developer. In the event that Microsoft or the third-party app publisher needs access to data provided through the use of this store or this app, that data may be transferred, transmitted, stored, and processed in the USA or any other country where Microsoft, the app publisher, and its affiliates or service partners have offices.

For the Terms of Service for Microsoft 365 on Android, please see Microsoft’s EULA. You consent to these terms and conditions by installing the application.


What’s New in the Latest Version 16.0.15928.20192

Last updated on Jan 7, 2023

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