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Heavy tank A7V mod for People Playground. German heavy tanks were used in World War I, including the A7V armor assault vehicle. Angles A7V, or People Playground Modification A7V, is the literal translation from German. German heavy tank known as the Assault Armored Vehicle (A7V) during the First World War. the German Emperor’s first serial tank. produced in a short quantity of 20 automobiles between 1917 and 1918. In the hostilities of the last phase of the First World War, it was deployed to a limited extent.

You can download the direct link by click the download boutton!


Has anti-bullet defence.

mouse-based controls instead of buttons.

completely obliterate.


On the hull or in the driver’s cabin, press (F) to move ahead.

using the mouse to aim the weapon.

Press (F) on the gun to fire the primary weapon.


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