A huge underground area and hybrid dungeon may be found in the Liurnia District of Elden Ring called Nokstella eternal city, and the Lake of Rot. Although it is an optional underground section, it is slightly more linear than the overworld and maintains many of the overworld’s core mechanics, like fast movement and the restoration of flasks after killing enemy groups. This article includes details on the area’s location, a walkthrough and guide to help you get around it, find all of its treasure, and advice on how to deal with the adversaries there.

How to Get to the Old City of Nokstella

This location is not accessible the first time you explore the underground river well, despite the fact that it is a section of the Ainsel River. After defeating Starscourge Radahn, you must continue Ranni’s questline by scouring Nokron, Eternal City, for the object Ranni seeks.Return to Ranni’s Rise in northern Liurnia (behind Caria Manor) with the Fingerslayer Blade you obtained from Night’s Sacred Land in Nokron, Eternal City, and speak to Ranni there to give her the blade. You can access the remainder of the Carian Study Hall and the Divine Tower of Liurnia by chatting to her until she hands you the Course of several weeks Inverted Statue.


Once you have it, descend the tower to Renna’s Rise, the northernmost of the three towers, where there is a waygate. When you engage with it, you can move to the Ainsel River Main and activate the Site of Grace there.There is a miniature Ranni doll in a coffin and numerous Silver Fireflies that you can collect in the water stream right before the Site of Grace. As you move on, you’ll pass a couple Maintenance and maintenance warriors patrol and another Malformed Star out to your right in the distance.

Numerous Dewkissed Herba plants are scattered among the area’s shrubs, and there are also a few dead bodies to the left, one of which is in the water and is holding a Golden Rune, and another of which is lying on a stone floor and is holding a Human Bone Shard.In addition, there are a few Ghost Glovewort (6) plants across the river from the Malformed Star, so if you defeat it with ranged attacks, you’ll be able to easily move around and acquire these things.

Following the water stream to the left, you’ll come across a corpse with four Smithing Stones, four smaller Daniela Flowers, a giant Miranda Flower, and a couple of Clayman spearmen.Another Ghost Glovewort (6) plant is hidden away in the back right corner by the river, and they are guarding a corpse that contains a Stonesword Key.

Backtracking to the building the Malformed Star was guarding, you can find Ghost Glovewort (6) and (7) plants hidden behind the left statue. Once you enter and defeat the Clayman sorcerer, there is also another (7) plant on the right side.

There are several Formic Rock deposits lining either side of the passageway as well as two Giant Ants lingering on the ceiling as you descend the slope beyond the building. You will then enter an area filled with bones and viscera along with several Winged Ants after those have been dealt with. You can sneak up on two corpses and steal their contents; one has a Golden Rune (10) and the other Shield Grease.After defeating the two Winged Ants, move down the slope on the left to face an Armored Ant. In order to effectively injure its body, get behind its shielded head. After passing the Armor Ant, keep going down the tunnel until you come out high above the space with the first Malformed Star. Be careful not to be captured or blasted off the ledge by any of the two spellcasters’ spells; lure them back into the tunnel for added protection.You will find a chest atop the structure to the left by carefully following the trail as it curves to the right and dropping down to continue. Jump over carefully to reveal the Wing of Astel sword in the chest. After dealing with the spellcasters, you can also choose the more difficult route and loot the body to obtain a Somber Smithing Stone (6).Return into the tunnel, turn left, and follow the water down to another well-lit building. To enter Nokstella, the Eternal City, grab the Ghost Glovewort (6) plant off the ground by the grates and then ascend the steps on the left.

Heading Up

Once you arrive at the Site of Grace, you have a choice of two paths. You have two options: climb the stairs, or take the lower path. For now, use the stairs.Before climbing, look behind the building next to the Site of Grace, where three Magic Greases are lying on the ground. Pick it up and move on to the stairwell.Enter the chamber on the left after the first flight. Here, a Nox Swordstress awaits you. To get the Ant’s Skull Plate armor, defeat her and plunder the casket in the room’s far right corner.Return outdoors and keep climbing until you reach a third Nox Swordtress. A body that is hanging over the railings to the right has something you can loot. Get one set of Fan Daggers by plundering it.

Going Further Up

Return to the staircase’s top, then make your way north. The Silver Tears that will fall from the ceiling in this area should be avoided. A Gold Rune [10] can also be taken from the ground.Watch careful for the structure on your left. You’ll ultimately come across a window that is open and accessible.Head inside and move quickly because a Silver Tear will fall from the ceiling not far from the open window right away. Once you’ve defeated it, head to the room’s end chest to grab a Somber Smithing Stone [7].

Return outdoors and continue your journey. You can loot a Golden Rune [10] from a body that is leaning on the ledge. After looting, ascend the stairs to continue.

The bridge will soon be on your right as you continue forward. Still don’t cross this. Instead, keep going and turn left to locate a building’s entrance that is barred by a fog gate.If you possess a Stonesword Key, enter this structure. Two Nox Monks and a chest with the Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets Spirit Ashes may be found inside.

In Front Of The Silver Spheres

Once this has been stolen, leave the premises and cross the bridge. Beware of the enormous Silver Sphere up ahead. It will roll quickly in your direction and inflict severe harm. To stop the ball from rolling towards you, stop it as soon as you can.

The ball can be attracted to the entrance by racing back to the building you entered earlier. You may attack it without having to worry about being knocked over because it won’t be able to fit through the door. The Silver Sphere will drop a Larval Tear after being defeated.

Proceed once you’ve dealt with the large ball. Go to the building on the right of the bridge’s terminus before climbing farther. But be cautious. The door will shut as soon as you walk through it, and another Silver Sphere will fall from the ceiling. Put an end to it as soon as you can.A Great Ghost Glovewort is located in a chest at the end of this room. Steal it, then go back outside. Go to the stairwell and begin climbing. A Golden Rune [10] is also lootable from the corpse that’s also dangling over the ledge to your left.

Finishing the nokstella eternal city top portion

You can see the entrance to a large building right away once you get to the top of the stairs. Turn to the right and onto the second building before entering it. You can locate a corpse holding a Smithing Stone outside the building’s entrance [6]. Return to the first structure after picking it up.Enter this structure and proceed while gazing up. When you press the lock-on button, a Silver Sphere hanging from the ceiling will come into view. Use a spell, a bow, or whatever you can throw to hit the Silver Sphere, forcing it to fall. A few Electric Gold Tears will be damaged when it lands on them since the explosion will cause the Silver Sphere to be damaged. Run back outside if the Gold Sphere is still alive, and it will become trapped at the door. From here, attack it and take it out. Once it has been eliminated, move on to eliminate any more Silver Tears that are still present.At the far end of this area is a chest. To get a Somber Smithing Stone, open it [7].

Continue on by using the left-hand exit. A Scarab awaits you at the stairs. Get a Somber Smithing Stone after defeating it [6].

Another house can be found at the top of the steps. There are a Nox Swordstress and two Silver Tears within. The two Silver Tears will become people and equip one with a massive shield and the other with a massive sword.Here, you can level the playing field by conjuring a Spirit Ash. First deal with the two Silver Tears, then focus on taking out the Nox Swordstress.


How can I navigate the nokstella eternal city?

Return into the tunnel, turn left, and follow the water down to another well-lit building. To enter Nokstella Eternal City, grab the Ghosts Glovewort (6) plant off the ground by the grates and then ascend the steps on the left.

How does one advance in nokstella eternal city?

There is a slope path leading on the northern side. To enter a destroyed structure, jump from to platform and travel through the tunnel to the north. Dropping to the lowest level, move forward until you reach Nokron.

How does one move about Nokstella?

The Alternative Route to the City of Nokstella Players must return to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, cross the road to the east, and enter a tiny forested area to accomplish this. If players start to see jellyfish, they are in the right place.