Climb ninja  , climb! Your objective in this action-packed ninja running game is to reach the highest point possible while dodging bad squirrels, dive-bombing birds, rival ninjas, throwing stars, exploding bombs, and more! With ninja agility, effortlessly climb up the side of buildings. Tap to hop across walls while slicing foes along your path. For a bonus power-up boost, hit three identical foes in a row. Take up shields for defense . Be cautious of ledges and obstructions. Remain alive!

One of the all-time most downloaded mobile games is NinJump, which has over 100 million downloads. Do not accept alternatives!



● Amazing power-up increases!

● Ninjas, throwing stars & bombs

● many adversaries and challenges

● Simple tap controls

● Endless Ninja fun

For download the apk of People Playground «A7V» (v.1.26+) Click here!