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There are many secret supervisors in Elden Ring and the Glintstone dragon adula is one of them. In spite of not being a mystery chief, numerous players can miss this winged serpent battle since he requires a couple of essentials. For that reason we will show you the Elden Ring Glintstone Mythical serpent Adula manager guide so you can overcome him. This manager battle resembles most mythical serpent battles in Elden Ring yet with a couple of turns. Assuming you are generally disapproving of this adversary or need to find him, we will take care of you. So, how about we make a plunge and look at how you can track down this winged serpent and how to overcome it.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Glintstone dragon adula

Glintstone Mythical serpent Adula is an enchanted winged serpent that bargains lots of harm and can wreck your day. Regardless of whether you are ready for him by battling different winged serpents, he will utilize a couple of new goes after that can rattle you. Be that as it may, stress not on the grounds that we will show you a strong technique to overcome him. Before we discuss that, there are actually two stages to the battle. You will battle him the initial time from the get-go in the game however he will take off. From that point onward, you should advance through specific missions and the game to open another region where this winged serpent is dwelling.

Additionally, he is a discretionary manager that isn’t required for finishing the game. Be that as it may, to finish Ranni’s mission, battling him is required and you will get lots of astonishing compensations also.

Where to Track down It?

It is very simple to Track down this mythical beast. You should initially advance through Limgrave and go to the Liurnia of the Lakes. When you enter that region, go to the Three Sisters situated in the northwest. You don’t need to clear the Raya Lucaria Institute to enter this region. In any case, you should go through Caria Estate and rout Illustrious Knight Loretta to open this region. In the wake of opening the area, you want to make a beeline for Ranni’s Ascent which is set apart in the picture above. You will experience this winged serpent here.

After you bargain a touch of harm to it, he will take off. To complete the battle with this strong mythical serpent, you really want to go to the Evening glow Raised area in the House of prayer of Manus Celes. Remember that the Twilight Special raised area is just opened in the wake of advancing through Ranni’s mission line. In the event that you are interested, you can enter this region subsequent to overcoming Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. When you open this area, go upper east from the Evening glow Raised area site of effortlessness.

Tips to Beat the Glintstone Mythical beast Adula

 at first, this battle could appear to be very hard for fresher players. In any case, assuming you have confronted winged serpents before in Elden Ring – and you could have in light of the fact that the game has lots of mythical beasts – you will realize that this manager battle is like that. He does all the exemplary mythical beast assaults like a chomp, step, tail clear, and that’s just the beginning.

The best strategy to go after the Glintstone Mythical beast Adula – and all winged serpents so far as that is concerned – is to remain close to its rear legs and whack at them. Try not to stand straightforwardly behind the mythical beast or he will spam his tail clear assault. Assuming he steps or swipes his tail, you can undoubtedly evade that by rolling or hopping.

Furthermore, in the event that you stay on Downpour, you will live it up as your portability will increment essentially. Occasionally, Adula will utilize his Enchanted Breath assault that bargains lots of harm. Notwithstanding, when you see him energizing it, use Downpour to ride behind him and remain there. Ensure that you are behind his wings and rear legs or you will get hit. Aside from this, the main different assaults you ought to look out for are his spells that track you and his Moonblade assault. The spells can be tried not to by run away from him in a crisscross example. Be that as it may, the Moonblade assault is where most players have issues.

Fortunately you can without much of a stretch message this assault. When he begins flying in the air, ensure that you spam your scramble toward him and ensure that you ride forward. Adula will involve a Moonblade and run in an orderly fashion. Assuming you run toward him and keep riding, he will continuously miss this assault and land behind you. Then, whack at him and watch out for his fundamental assaults until his HP drains. Additionally, since he is solid against otherworldly assaults, ensure that you are utilizing actual assaults against him. As a skirmish character, you will live it up since you utilize no sorcery. Nonetheless, if you need to utilize spells, ensure that you use spells that bargain actual harm like Stone Sling.

On the other hand, you can likewise utilize Shooting star of Astel joined with the Cerulean Secret Tear to rapidly obliterate this winged serpent. To guarantee that you don’t take a great deal of harm, ensure that you wear covering with high Sorcery and Actual opposition.


When you have at last crushed the Glintstone Mythical beast Adula, you will need to understand what reward you will get. Luckily, the prizes are worth the effort and will assist you with advancing through the primary game by stepping up your personality. This is the very thing you get for overcoming this powerful winged serpent:

120,000 Runes/Adula’s Moonblade/Winged serpent Heart x3

Getting three Winged serpent Hearts is something incredible in light of the fact that you can exchange them at the Congregation of Mythical beast Fellowship for Winged serpent based Spells. This will assist you with overcoming future supervisors and foes with no issues since you can serious areas of strength for get that will bargain a great deal of harm. Also find a guide about Rune escape.


That is all that you want to be familiar with the Elden Ring Glintstone Mythical serpent Adula supervisor guide. This supervisor can be very irritating from the start yet it is very much like some other winged serpent battle in the game. On the off chance that you have proactively confronted a mythical beast previously, you will realize its assault examples and how to overcome it.

What do you honestly think about this chief? Did you make some intense memories battling it? Tell us which supervisor is your #1 in the remarks underneath!