Unpacking Game Walkthrough

Unpacking game walkthrough is a small game about moving the objects .In begin 1997,with the nerdy main character moving into a childhood bedroom. The player needs to unpack the boxes and also place the items at  specific places at different periods of the heroine’s life. After the breaking up with her boyfriend she wants to move back home and she may have a  little heart broken.

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How to download unpacking gratis

Please note this game is available under the shareware model. Unpacking Game Walkthrough is currently available for purchase on steam, Nintendo Switch,Xbox,Humble Store and GOG but it is currently unavailable on some platforms

This game is also a part of Xbox Game Pass, so if u have an active subscription,you can install it at no additional cost.Unfortunately this indie game is not available on Android or IOS,and other mobile platforms, so the user will not be able to play or purchase this game on smartphones.

unpacking game walkthrough Level 2012


The user needs to get through 2012 to get to her later years Whether the user is playing on Xbox Game Pass, PC or Switch.If you want to complete this level successfully, players have to keep in mind what the narrator just mentioned. She has a broken heart and also she’s moving back into her childhood bedroom with her parents until she can heal herself and  get back on her feet.You have to keep it in your mind it will help players to solve the puzzle of this level.

In this title on Xbox, The 2012 part has only two rooms:the Bathroom and the Bedroom. It’s a very simple level but has a few things that might trip players of this relaxing video game up.But breaking down the boxes at least one at a time ,it should help the user to get through it.

Bathroom Boxes in Unpacking unpacking game walkthrough 2012

  • You have to take brush,moisturizer,perfume,toothbrush,deodorant,toothpaste and bathroom mug-and you also have to place all of these objects on the bathroom counter -toothbrush and paste on the mug and the brush can go in the drawer.as well as shown in picture
  • Body Wash,shampoo,conditioner-open the shower and place it on shelf 
  • First aid kits,tampons,medicines-all of  these can go under the sink by removing the trashcan and putting it to the left of the sink or on the shelves 
  • Medicine and pads-also under the sink or on shelves

Makeup bag under the sink or on the shelf flat iron,clippers,tweezers,razors all of these objects can fit in the drawer

  • Lip gloss -counter or shelves

Unpacking the bedroom

To begin the bedroom, you’ll be better off setting aside everything on the bed which is not a book or a video game.Then zoom out with your respective console’s lower button to  find out the other an extra shelf near the ceiling.As for the two square shaped game cases,they must be placed in front of the sewing machine.

Next turn over the box to find the family photos and drawings.

These will need to go on the wooden board that is placed above the bed. As usual, all of these animals found are required to be placed on the bed,with each of the bags and workout supplies tucked away on the floor. If done in this order,you have to place the remaining items on the desk ( in no exact position) to complete chapter 2012.

Where does the photo go in unpacking?


Players must hide it from the storyteller,as she wants to see a photo of her and also her recent Ex on her corkboard everyday. There are too many values to unpack. Putting it into the shelves with the sliding doors is a great place to hide it away.

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How many stages is in unpacking?

eight stages
The player’s objective is to arrange each unpacked thing in the protagonist’s living space while learning about her life through her possessions and her surroundings. There are eight phases and 35 rooms altogether.

Does the game’s unpacking have an end?

Overall, it takes 4 to 5 hours to finish, making it a rather quick game, but after you’re done, this zen game really remains with you. The game has eight levels, each of which consists of a room (or frequently several rooms) where you are given boxes of the protagonist’s possessions to unpack and arrange however you wish.