Tricky Doors game

When you find a mysterious book, a strange force drives you to write something in it. But the moment you start writing, everything around you illuminates. When your eyes adjust to the lighting you find yourself in a strange and unknown chamber. And that’s how level 1 of tricky doors begins. It is an adventure game with a ton of exciting and mind-boggling puzzles to solve. Let us help you solve level 1 of Tricky Doors through our walkthrough.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough-Level 1

When you find yourself in a recognizable and suspicious cabin, You have no memory of how you ended up here. The main purpose of this level is to find any means by which you can go back to your home. Let’s find our way home together with our walkthrough. Let’s start the journey. 

Part 1: Escaping the Cabin

The first step is to gather everything that will help you escape. For a complete view of the cabin, you can drag the screen up and down. In the left corner, you will find a candle and a wooden handle. Collect them. Inside the fireplace, you will find the figured key, grab it. Collect the ritual knife and potion from above the fireplace.

On right, there is a scary-looking mask. Examine it and collect red ruby from its right eye socket. Also, collect the broomstick from beneath the mask. Examine the chest present on the right side of the room by tapping on it once. Don’t tap twice and look at the key with balls on the floor. Study the alchemy desk present on the left side. By reading the paper at the bottom of the right corner, you will disclose the key with a monogram. Collect the straw doll from the bottom left corner.

Now that everything is compiled. Let’s figure out stuff. The trapdoor present in the middle of the room needs four keys to being unlocked. So, that is likely to be our escape door. Use the broomstick on the cobweb present on top of the right corner of the room to receive the simple key. Above the alchemy desk, on the left side of the fireplace, you will find a rope with some herbs on it. By using the ritual knife, collect the rope.

Now that everything is collected, let’s head back to the trapdoor. Examine it carefully and use all four keys, Figured Key, Key with Balls, Simple Key, and Key with Monograms, to unlock the trapdoor. After unlocking it, climb down and leave the cabin.

Part 2: Collecting the Potion Ingredients

After exiting the cabin, you will find yourself in the middle of a forest. Take some berries off from the bush at the right side of the cabin’s ladder. Get a birch bark from the tree next to the bird cage by using the ritual knife. Collect the axe head and feathers from the grass

Adjust and shape the wood in accordance with the axe head by using the ritual knife. Attach both to make a complete axe. Move the log from chopped logs. Used the prepared axe to chop the logs and obtain firewood. See the owls sitting on the branch in the right top corner. Tapping on the eyes of owls will make their eyes shine. Starting from the left to the right, tap on the eyes of each owl. The eyes will glow in an order of red, red, yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow, red but the order may differ.

Tap on the bizarre altar, emitting red flames, to get closer to it. Scroll the screen and grab the handle by the rock. Grab the empty pot from the left of the ground. You can see the lily pads with pink flowers on them. Use the Ritual knife to collect the lily by cutting its stem. Likewise, collect the mushroom growing on the totem near the right side by using the ritual knife. Also, grab the arrow poking out of the side of the totem. 

Study the face of the totem. You will only see a single yellow gem in the right eye socket. Place the Ruby in its left socket. The gem will glow by tapping. Repeat the color order of gems as that of the owl’s eyes. The right order of gems will open up a secret chamber on the side of the totem’s head. You will find a crystal inside. Collect the crystal. Going back to the altar view, examine the tree. You will notice that it has been chewed by a beaver. Use the axe to cut it. The tree will fall on the river allowing you to cross it.

Tap the altar to get the top-down view of it. Close up the flame by tapping on the center. Here use the Doll and Candle to get the Smoking doll and the burning candle.

Leave the altar. You can see a snake to the left of the totem. By using the smoking doll, scare away the snake. You will see a red gem, collect it. Now get back to the field outside the cabin.

Attach the handle to the well present on the right side of the screen. In the middle, a chain will be present. Place the pot on it and use the handle. Tap on the pot to get the key and pot, full of water. Go back to the cabin. Analyze the trunk at the bottom right corner twice to find some puzzles. A magical force field will block it. In the empty socket at the bottom, place the reg gem. It will deactivate the field.

The main goal is to get the red and green gems in the correct placement. The green gem will go into the left slot and the red gem into the right slot. Keep the following rules in mind:

  • The green and red gems are moveable in any direction.
  • You can move the vertical blocks up and down.
  • The horizontal blocks are moveable in right and left directions only.

Here is what the puzzle board looks like:

When you will complete the puzzle by placing the puzzle in the correct position, a compartment will be unlocked. Grab the stick and net from it. Prepare the bow by combining the rope, arrow, feather, and stick from the inventory. Exit the cabin and return to the altar, crossing the river.

On the lily pad floating on the river, you will see a crate. Use the net to retrieve the crate. Use the ritual knife to cut and collect some seaweed. The crate will be unlocked by using the key. Collect the bottle from the inside. You will see an apple hanging on a thin tree. Soot the apple with the bow and return to the cabin.

Part 3: Entering the Micro-World

Looking into the recipe scroll from the inventory, You will see some ingredients. Add mushrooms, berries, lily, seaweed, and tree branch to the recipe by clicking at the correct spot. It will combine all the ingredients.

Add the firewood to the fireplace. By using the burning candle, light up the fire. Place the pot of water on the hook and dump all your ingredients in it. On turning water into pink color, add an apple to it to transform it into a magical apple. 

On top of the alchemy desk, you will see a panel with a small circle on it. When you will place the crystal on it, the desk will illuminate producing a magic beam.

The magic beam will point towards the platform with the ladder. After putting the bottle on the platform, you will see a magical field start appearing inside the bottle. By using the magic apple, or bottle, to eat and shrink it, you will be able to enter.

You will be teleported to a mushroom garden. There you can find the seal of the magic book on the praying mantis. You need to get that seal. On the web, left to the mantis, use an axe. The axe will break and you will get its handle back. Use the ritual knife to cut the bow, from the inventory, and get the rope. Inspect the beetle husk near the mantis and break its horns by tapping. Combine it with a handle and rope to get a sharp tool. Return back to the web.

By using a sharp tool, cut the web and collect nymphs. From below the web, an intriguing stone with two squares will be seen. Tap on the bottom one to get the next puzzle. When you will solve the puzzle according to the picture shown above, a message will appear. This message will show a guide on the cultivation of “Flower of Insight”. Grab the golden spatula next to the note. You will see odd flowers on the right side of the screen. If you try to grab it, it will wither. You will need the spatula to get the bulb off it. By using nymph on mantis, you will get the stamp.  By pushing aside the leaves, you will see a rock with the same diagram as that of the ritual altar from earlier.

Return back to the altar and you will be able to interact with the widgets in four corners. Arrange it in the order of the diagram you saw earlier. The flame will go out and tap in the center. Use the spatula to dig a crack and put the bulb in it. The flower of insight will grow. Return to the cabin.


Now you have completed the three parts of level one. Hope this article guided you to complete the quarter of level one. For the guide to the next part of the game, visit our next article.


How do you figure out a tricky doors scale?

The locked drawer above the scales can be unlocked by inserting the key you have in your inventory into the lock if you go back and click on it.

What is the secret to the tricky doors bread?

This will begin a mini-game in which you must add the ingredients to the bread according to the recipe.