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The first section of IGN’s walkthrough for Deltarune is available here. By following the instructions in this manual, you can complete the game to the very end while discovering new goods and secrets. Combat advice is also provided.

Character Personalization

All of the character customization options available at the start of the game are immediately discarded, so none of your decisions will matter. Your response to the question “And what about the creatorname]?” [‘s will be the name of your game’s save file, though. There are three saved game files. Susie deltarune is interesting to know about.


Attending classes and completing assignments

Kris is the one who plays you. Your mother wakes you up for school at the beginning of the tale. Interact with items and people by approaching them and pressing enter. Move using the directional arrows. While moving, keep pressing X to run. Simply go outside and turn east to continue the story. Take the stairs, then proceed to the east, passing via the kitchen, living room, and front door.

When your mother drops you off at school, a cutscene will play. When you finally show there late, your teacher, Alphys, instructs you to select a partner for the impending group assignment. The only person available is Noelle, the student with the antlers whose desk is in the front row on the far left.

Ask Alphys if you can form a group of three by accepting her offer to ask her.

Enters Susie. susie deltarune will be your new companion after you are reassigned. Her teacher, Alphys, asks you to accompany her as she sends her to acquire chalk for the lesson. We’ll have a little chat after you both follow her into the hallway. When you’re deep within the closet, continue to follow her. You can watch beautiful pics of susie deltarune here.

Susie deltarune will offer that you return to class together, but a cutscene will indicate that’s not possible.


Her fellow students despise her

Almost every classmate has something negative to say about Susie deltarune in Chapter One when Kris, the main character, is forced to team up with her. Susie’s propensity for violence is hinted at in the majority of them.

Although their reaction may be justified, and a large part of it may be based on fear, it’s odd that their ideas are so steadfastly the same. After school hours, a few kids still criticize Susie. Monster Kid’s remarks enrage Kris, and Catti advises Kris to make sure Noelle stays away from Monster Kid.


However, she doesn’t despise them.

Susie deltarune doesn’t spend time criticizing her students the way they constantly do, despite the fact that they do it to her. She typically adopts the resigned attitude that “everyone hates me and that’s okay,” but she doesn’t harbor any particular grudges, not even toward Berdly, the most annoying pupil of all.

The fact that she saved a search on the library computer to see if Tem’s hard-boiled egg can hatch is proof enough that she tried to engage with them. Susie’s explanation that the egg won’t hatch is misunderstood by Tem as being unkind, yet it could have been an attempt to assist.


She was kind to Noelle all the time.

The deer-like monster Noelle, who has a clear affection for Susie, is one conspicuous holdout in the war against her. As the game goes on, Noelle’s motivations are probably going to be crucial.

Although Susie deltarune delta rune is rumored to terrorize the other students (which may or may not be accurate), she tells Noelle in Chapter Two that she never picked on her because of the pencil she borrowed from her on her first day. Although it is unclear if this will result in affection for one other, the two appear to enjoy themselves.


She refuses to call her family

Related to what was said in the previous sentence, there is a brief passage near the end of Chapter Two where Susie deltarune is preparing to spend the night at Kris’ place. Susie’s parents should be informed that she will be staying over, as Toriel advises her to do. When Toriel isn’t looking, Susie approaches the phone, waits for a second before using it, then walks away.

This small deed might signify a variety of things, none of which are favorable. She may intentionally want to avoid her parents because they treat her badly. She might not be allowed to do anything against their rules because they are stringent. On top of maybe being homeless, she might not have any parents or guardians at all. This one action, or lack of action, speaks volumes on its own.


Planning for her dates back to Undertale.

In terms of preparation for the game, Toby Fox, the creator of the series, has revealed certain details, including information on Susie. He claimed that when he first started writing Susie deltarune, she was intended to be a perky sidekick like Maya from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but as he continued, Susie deltarune evolved into her current tough girl shape.

As’s intriguing on its own, but it’s also noteworthy that Susie deltarune is only mentioned once in Deltarune’s predecessor, Undertale, which was released in 2015. In that game, an NPC who only occasionally appears mentions a female they recommend the player meet by the name of “Suzy.” In other words, Susie deltarune is a figure that Toby has been planning for years to appear in this novel. It will be fascinating to watch how all the planning from the past many years has come together when Deltarune is completely released.


What is her personality like, what is her personality, how does she behave with her family, how was her attitude in school, her friends at school hate her and she still treats them with kindness. I didn’t want to talk about what we’re Sasai’s goals. All this has been written in this article. Now you know in this article what kind of character Sasai was.


  • Is Susie a girl or boy in Deltarune?

    Susie is introduced as a Mean Girl in Chapter 1 who “Won’t do anything but fight.” She rejoins the group in Chapter 1 and is elevated to Dark Knight at the beginning of Chapter 2, at which point she “does harm utilising dark energy.”

  • How old is Susie Deltarune?

    She is probably between the ages of 15 and 18 and a high school student. She doesn’t wear stripes, unlike Kris and all of her peers.

  • Does Susie have a tail?

    Despite her reptile appearance, Susie lacks a tail. Susie says, “Figured [she]’d] grow one sometime,” after receiving the Jevilstail.

  • Why is Susie a bully Deltarune?

    Bullying characters frequently exhibit a stereotype in which their hostility is motivated by repressed sentiments of rage or despair. Susie almost probably exemplifies this. Her speech frequently makes references to how worn out or contented she is with her situation.

  • What powers does Susie have?

    Skills & Powers
    Incredible Physiology.
    Susie had the ability to control energy, releasing waves of elemental energy with her axe.