Lost Lands 7 Walkthrough

FIVE-BN Games just launched the adventure, hidden object, and single-player video game. lost lands 2 walkthroughs for mobile devices. It unfolds in a breathtaking setting. while telling a suspenseful tale that will make your bones tingle. The plot of lost lands 7 walkthrough Redemption centers on a vengeful and evil old deity. who wants to destroy the earth. The gameplay features a tonne of mini-games, exciting puzzles, endearing characters, and challenging tasks to complete. To aid its audience in solving all the puzzles and objectives. Necessary to advance the story, Walkthroughs.net regularly shares solutions and walkthroughs for the video game Lost Lands 7: Redemption

The single-player adventure and hidden object game. Lost Lands 7 Walkthrough for mobile devices was just released by FIVE-BN Games. It tells a suspenseful tale that will send shivers down your spine in an incredible setting. The main character of Lost Lands 7: Redemption is an evil,

 old deity who is out for revenge and wants to wipe out the entire planet. Lots of minigames, intriguing puzzles, endearing characters, and difficult tasks to complete are all part of the gameplay. Lost Lands 7 Walkthroughs.net frequently posts solutions and walkthroughs for the video game. Lost Lands 7 Walkthrough: Redemption to help its audience get through all the puzzles and tasks required to move the plot forward.


Hidden Temple

When playing a mini-game to find clues, you put yourself in the position of a detective. Who must search for hidden objects and unravel complex puzzles? You can explore a hidden temple and discover. Magical artifacts that an ancient deity left behind in the game’s ancient setting. Your main goal is to use your perseverance and focus to defeat strong bad guys. Embark in recently launched, merry adventures filled with devoted, long-time companions. It introduces you to wonderful gameplay to experience and has a number of notable features. The Lost Lands 7 Walkthrough Redemption Walkthrough has all the solutions and answers, so keep reading to find out more

Redemption: A  Lost Lands 7 Walkthrough

  • The man standing next to the table should first be tapped on the hammer that is located on the right side.
  • Click on the man as he hits the ground to release a key from his shorts.
  • You can add a ladder to your inventory by moving to the left and taking it from the location.
  • After removing the rusted helmet and shield, choose the key from your inventory, then use it to unlock the treasure box on the right side so you can acquire a sphere one.

Locate the table’s hidden objects.

  • Tap the table once you’ve gathered all the items as specified above to start looking for hidden items to finish the puzzle.
  • A snail can be obtained from inside the cage by first picking up a key and opening it.
  •  Pick up the dust on the table with the shovel you choose from the right side in order to find a ring.
  • In order to make the arrow sharp, take it from the left side and tap it against the stone on the table.
  • A red skull can be obtained by gathering the skull and dipping it in the bowl.
  • You can find a pail of apples if you take off the sheet that is hanging on the table. A rope and cannonball can be obtained by removing the apples.
  • Once the list of hidden items has been cleared, get a rope in and leave the table.
  • After tapping the ladder and tying the pieces together with the rope, go to your inventory.
  • As you prepare to leave the underground setting, position the ladder on the wall and climb it to reach the new scene where your decision will have an impact.
  • The right stone and other items you choose could aid in your underground scene escape.

Look for Hilamir in Dark Square

The Dark Square, a complex of tombs. created especially for four deities of the Lost Lands, is what you see after skipping the cutscene. Finding Hilamir, a local keeper, is your goal in this situation.

  • Drive over to the location and grab the “Fragments of the Stele” from the area close to the house.
  • Pick up the Central Element from the area near the door, then place it in your inventory. Afterward, choose the second Stele Fragment from the left side of the table.
  • The third fragment of the stele is found close to the pond; the fourth, fifth, and sixth fragments are found in the pond.
  • Get the seventh and eighth from the next door on the same spot by going to the entrance door next to the house.
  • After gathering all of the Steles, move to the platform and set all of the pieces down there to play a mini-game in which your objective is to drag the strings to untangle the puzzle.
  • Once the puzzle has been solved, enter the new room through the door to reach the area where finding hidden objects is the goal.


Five Bin has recently launched an adventure stealth and single-player game. It’s a heart-pounding, bone-chilling game set against a dam and harrowing stories. What’s in the walkthrough to find the lost Plato? The informative guide given is sure to help you understand the walkthrough of the game.

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