Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough

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Step-by-step Menu

  • Section 1, At Home 
  • Section 2: The Castle’s Approach
  • Section 3, Throne Room
  • Section 4. The Energy Reservoir
  • Section 5.The tomb of the archmage
  • Section6. Obiang’s Ship 

General Guidelines

  • For Lost Lands 7: The Wanderer, this is the official manual.
  • HOPs are the name given to hidden-object games. This guide won’t include screenshots of the HOPs, but it will note when they’re available and what you’ll get as an inventory reward.
  • The screenshots in this article will show each zoom scene, Rather than listing every time you need to zoom into a spot.

lost lands 4 walkthrough Section1:  At home 

  • The BALLPOINT PEN (A) and the CELL PHONE (B).
  • Place the cell phone on top of the diary (C).
  • D, then three times on the phone, then the plug (E).
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • The magic gloves can be obtained by using the BALLPOINT PEN, the code “4815162342,” and confirmation (F).
  • Open the chest, take the scroll and COMPASS OF THE WORLDS out of it, and then take the note (G).
  • Accessible doors (H).
  • Ahead you go.
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Contact Finder (I).
  • Placing the COMPASS OF THE WORLDS (J).
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Try out the little game.
  • Solution: (K-counterclockwisex2) -1-(K-ccw) -2-(K-ccwx5) -2-(K-ccw) -1-2-(K-clockwisex4) -1-(K-cwx2)-1-(K-ccw) -1-(K-cwx5) -2-(K-ccwx4) -2-(K-cwx5) -2-(K-ccwx4) -2-(K-cwx5) -1-(K-cwx4)-1-(K-cwx6)-2-(K-cwx3) -1-(K-cwx2) -1-2-(K-cwx6) -2-(K-ccw)-2-(K-ccwx5)-2-(K-ccw)-1-(K-cwx2)-2-(K-ccwx2) -1-(K-cwx6) -2-(K-ccwx2) -2-(K-ccwx2)-2-(K-ccwx4)-1-(K-ccwx4).
  • Push the BEAVER TAIL (W), then take the CRYSTAL 5/5.
  • Visit the intersection.
  • Add 5 CRYSTALS here.
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Try out the little game.
  • Solution: (Z).
  • Take a right.

Section 2: The Castle’s Approach

  • Use the axe.
  • Investigate the bag
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Try out the little game.
  • Solution: (C) (C).
  • Select the BUTTON.
  • Look at the symbol with your HAND.
  • Ahead you go.
  • Play the HOP in Lost Lands: The Wanderer, get the ROPE and use the SHARP KNIFE (E).
  • The solution to the game: Ix2-K-J-I-K-L-Kx3.
  • the PENDULUM is given.
  • visit the Captain’s home.
  • Select the board and place the SYMBOL (H).
  • Play the game, please.
  • Solution:1-2-3-4-5-6-5-7-8-9-10-9-11.
  • The Wanderer: Lost Lands
  • Consider the PLANET MODEL (I).
  • Speak with the man (J) to get the KEY.
  • Put the PLANET MODEL there (K).
  • Head over to the castle hall.

Section 3 Throne Room

  • Turn it off after inserting the key.
  • Ahead you go.
  • Pick up the GLASS SPHERE
  • Wander over to Bay Shore.
  • Lost Lands: The Wanderer Set the GLASS SPHERE down and grabs the ADRENALINE VIAL.
  • access the Castle Road.
  • Utilize the ADRENALINE VIAL (O); take the SLEEPY FLOWER and FRAGMENT.
  • Enter the Beaverlings’ Yard.
  • Lost Lands: The Wanderer Set the SLEEPING FLOWER down, takes off the bandage (Q), and grabs some lard.
  • Move downward.
  • Cork (S) can be contacted to obtain the KEY.
  • Placing the FRAGMENT
  • Play the little game.
  • Solution: (X-1) (X-1)
  • -(Z-2)-(W-3)-(Y-4)
  • -(Z-5)-(W-6)-(Z-7)-(X-8).
  • Consider the PORTAL PART.
  • Go to the Portal.
  • Lost Lands: The Wanderer
  • Place 2 PORTAL PARTS there.
  • Pass through the portal to descend.
  • Use the HAMMER (B); grab the HOOK.
  • Select the HOOK after placing the ROPE on it to get the ROPE WITH A HOOK.

Section 4. The Energy Reservoir

  • Get the medal by tossing the HOOKED ROPE (D).
  • The TURTLE FIGURINE is yours if you choose the MEDALLION twice.
  • Ahead you go.
  • Check out the region (E).
  • Go through the writing (F).
  • Visit the Castle of the Yarl.
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Try out the little game.
  • Option 1–3.
  • How about the APPLE?
  • Twice choose the APPLE; take the APPLE CORE and the SEEDS.
  • Move downward.
  • Put the SEEDS (G), then grab the SNAKE FIGURINE (H).
  • The Necropolis Entrance
  • Put the wooden cube in position and grab the figurine (D).
  • Move downward.
  • Place the FIGURINE in the compartment, then look it over (E).
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Try out the little game.
  • Solution: (F) (F).
  • Pick up the NUMBERS TABLETS.
  • Travel to the Corridor of Trials.
  • Section 5 The tomb of the archmage
  • Try out the little game.
  • Solution: (H) (H).
  • Ahead you go.
  • Pick up the KEY (I).
  • Make your way to the Pangonian’s living room.
  • Placing the TRACING PAPER (V), using the coal (W), and taking the PUNCH CARD.
  • Head over to the Secret Passage.
  • Use the PUNK CARD (X).
  • Step up to the Wall.
  • The Traveler in Lost Lands
  • Set the man figurine down and grab the oar (Y).
  • To the Cliff Descend, go.
  • Position the OAR (Z).
  • Take a right
  • .
  • Conclusion
  • In this game, we only have to play the lost lands 4 walkthroughand find them. In this game, every point has been added to solve your problems. What are the headings in the game, and what are the functions before them, all these tips will help you to understand and play the game. Hopefully, this article will clear all the confusions that may cause you to play the game.

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  • How many stages does Lost Lands have?

    There is something for everyone among the five available stages.

  • Does Lost Lands usually sell out?

    Even if Lost Lands is completely sold out, fans will still be able to attend the festival’s triumphant return in 2021. After a year without any major music festivals, tickets for Excision’s flagship festival, a bass music utopia located in Ohio’s Legend Valley, sold out in record time.

  • How loud is Lost Lands?

    We’re not joking when we mention 500k watts of bass. It’s going to be LOUD in Lost Lands! The bass will be more audible the closer you come. Wearing earplugs is crucial in order to safeguard your hearing because of this.

  • How many acres is Lost Lands?

    230 acres
    Since the 1970s, Lost Lands’ residence in Legend Valley has served as a venue for significant performances and events on its 230 acres of traditional camping.

  • How many watts does Lost Lands use?

    The most talented Bass Music performers in the world have a stage to fully display their talents thanks to Lost Lands. Two full-size main stages, which will be even bigger than before, will be sandwiched between PK Sound’s cutting-edge rigs that produce one million watts of bass.