Lost Lands 3 Walkthrough

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Universal guidelines

  • These are the genuine tips for lost land 3. The golden curse.
  • This tip does not remark each time you have to go into a district. Screenshots remark each zoom picture.
  • These guidelines give you step-by-step information about all your problems That are not incidental.
  • Please learn all information about the game to solve all your problems about the game.

Natural card about the game 

  • All over the druid valley.
  • Lofty island 
  • Below the ground.
  • Castle of foolishness
  • From the grave 

All over the druid valley 

  • Out of the cover and take the notebook, choose the section 
  • Take the handle of hammer B
  • Catch the head of the hammer and  manuscript 
  • Merge the head of the hammer and the handle of the hammer for an inventory of hammer 
  • Choose the axe handle and select the knife.
  • Select the key L and talk to the girl.
  • Press the key O to use a knife 
  • Place the thread with a crook.
  • Press key o to select the candle and choose the burning candle
  • Select the human model and select the candle
  • Under walk
  • And lastly, place a human model 

Lofty island

  • Out of the sheet and choose U
  • Catch the menuscript11/28 v
  • Choose w key
  • Select x
  • Choose the c to press the y key 
  • Capture the model to press the key z
  • Go back to Druid Village.
  • A Golden Curse in the lost lands 3 walkthrough
  • Position the log (A). Use the AXE 2-x.
  • Position the wood piece (B). Employ the axe. Bring the FIREWOOD.
  • Incorporate the FIGURINE. Pick up the WINDSOCK (C).
  • To the Lower Island, you must return.
  • The WINDSOCK (Inventory) can be touched to obtain a NET.
  • A Golden Curse in the Lost lands 3 walkthrough-part 14
  • Utilize the OILCAN (D). Latch slid; the door opened.
  • Obtain a STAMP by using the NET (E).
  • Back at the Volcanic Crater now.
  • Position the STAMP (F).
  • the CORE OF FLAMES, open it and take it (G).
  • Observe Manuscripts 12/28 (H). Consult the book.
  • To the Lower Island, you must return.
  • Press the key of Q  to reach meta wing 
  • Apply the key s
  • Look at the note and stone slab(T)
  • Going back to the hill.

Below the ground 

  • Set up the STONE SLAB (U).
  • Down the well, climb.
  • Consider Manuscripts 18/28. (V).
  • Squeeze the stones (W).
  • STEP 1/4, please (X).
  • Move onward.
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Verify Manuscripts 19/28. (Y).
  • Apply the WRENCH (Z). Take the nut off.
  • To receive BLESSED WATER, complete the HOP (A).
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Use the 3x (B) KNIFE for sunflowers.
  • Get the DOLL (C).
  • PEDAL-KEY and FIORA’S DOLL is available by touching the DOLL (Inventory).
  • Placing and choosing the PEDAL-KEY (D).
  • Head left.
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Get a MAGIC HAMMER by speaking with the woman (E).
  • Consider Manuscripts 20/28. (F).
  • STEP 2/4, please (G).
  • Consider using the SUNFLOWER OIL FLASK (H).
  • Go back to Anvil Peak.
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Please note and take the SHOVEL (I).
  • Select the bundle of toys.
  • Choose the key y and select z1 and z2.

Castel of foolishness

  • Press key A to choose the  wood saw
  • Press key B to choose the title stone 
  • Catch the manuscript 23/27 C
  • Exchange the Harpy’s nest 
  • Press key E to choose the  title stone 
  • Catch all energy balls to press key M N
  • Choose the key O
  • Press the key J to choose the book 
  • (K) is a solution key 
  • Press L for play hope and for a spelling book 
  • Choose the key of M and catch the betting pot 
  • Under walk

From the grave

  • Press key (O) to take the jug of water 
  • Take the ladder of thread
  • Go back to the Elders’ home.
  • A LEVER and ELIXIR OF ANIMATION FORMULA are given in exchange for the SPELL BOOK (R).
  • Snatch the BROOM (S).
  • To the Underground Lake again.
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • BROOM, please (T).
  • Smash the eggs. You should use the SWITCH and DRAGON-EGG SHELLS.
  • Going back to the Crossroads
  • Placing and choosing the LEVER (V).
  • Insert the ROPE LADDER (W).
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Please use the FULL-ECLIPSE TILE (X).
  • KNIFE, please. Remove the cover to position and choose the SWITCH (Y).
  • Go back to Anvil Peak.
  • A HALF-ECLIPSE TILE should be hung from the HANGING BUCKET (Z).
  • Go back to the Big Library.
  • Golden Curse: Lost Lands
  • Decide where to put the HALF-ECLIPSE TILE and FULL-ECLIPSE TILE (A).
  • Solution (B1-B2) (B1-B2).
  • Select from Lost Lands: The Golden Curse
  • and re-enter Anvil
  • Press Q to take the golden cup 
  • Lastly, you play the lost land golden curse


In this game, we only have to play the lost lands 3 walkthrough and find them. In this game, every point has been added to solve your problems. What are the headings in the game, and what are the functions before them, all these tips will help you to understand and play the game. Hopefully, this article will clear all the confusions that may cause you to play the game.

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