Lost Lands 2 Walkthrough

A fantasy story takes hours to progress in an adventure game with hidden objects and puzzles. The Lost land 2 Four Horseman walkthrough is under threat from a terrible evil. After centuries of tranquillity. There are rumors of four enigmatic black riders. They spread death, set villages on fire, freeze reservoirs, and shroud the world in darkness.

They will stop at nothing to obtain the key that will give them control over the parallel worlds. And the only person who can stop them is the designated protector of the Lost Lands 2 walkthrough. Since the last crisis, the Lost Lands of the second century have passed. Witnesses claim that from across The Lost Lands 2 walkthrough.

Villages are being burned to the ground. streams are being frozen. Death is being spread, and darkness is covering the lands. These four black riders. Anybody who is in their way is destroyed as they search for the key to the Universal Portal.

 But there is also talk of a valiant girl from another globe. who once repelled the forces of evil. You’ll experience this intricate tale for this girl. On our website, you may get a Lost Lands dark overlord walkthrough guide. if you ever get stuck and can’t move on. The Four Horsemen.

 Menu for the tour

  • The junction.
  • The glade.
  • A higher corridor
  • Castle of Death
  • Temple of the Dwarf

General Guidelines

  • This manual for the Lost Lands 2 bonus chapter: The Four Horsemen is the official version.
  • HOPs are the acronym for hidden-object puzzles. Although this guide won’t include screenshots of the HOPs, it will note when they’re available and the inventory item you’ll gain from them.
  • The screenshots will show each zoom scene, so this guide won’t list every time you need to zoom into a place.

The junction 

  • Return the tweezers.
  • Click the rope after letting go of the ram.
  • Once more, press Return.
  • Examine the trap while using tongs to raise the wheel.
  • Move ahead.
  • To mount the wheel, click the rod.
  • Select Ram and Rope next.
  • ascend to the attic.
  • Get the needle out of the chest lock by inserting the wolf figurine.
  • Back to the slums of the dwarfs.
  • After looking at the tapestry, begin a minigame by using colored thread and a needle.
  • You must replicate the image to finish this puzzle.
  • To get the tapestry back, use your scissors.
  • Arrive to the Junction.
  • The tapestry should be fastened to the right post.

The Glade

  • At the hut’s base, take the ladder out.
  • Your bottom-of-the-screen list will now include the ladder.
  • Put the CD on the hut’s edge after climbing the staircase to the upstairs chamber.
  • Grab the handle of the knife as you enter the upstairs chamber.
  • Only after doing a thorough check should you leave the space.
  • You can now find the knife blade in a piece of paper mounted on a tree stump.
  • Pull the knife handle free by fastening it to the blade.
  • Read up on Maron the Hermit in the documentation.
  • The five planets’ defense is under Maron’s control, as you shall discover.
  • The Shovel is next to the magical wand, so get it.
  • A water portal is what you’ll be creating.
  • Utilizing the mallet, pound the duckweed in the mortar.
  • After that, add purple essence and set the mortar over the burner.
  • To gather the traveler’s dust, click on the mortar.
  • Get out of the space and get to the left-hand area.
  • With the help of a tassel, clean the music box’s drum.
  • Turn the music box’s lever after you’ve closed the container.
  • Bring the phoenix wings back to the tower after picking them up.
  • The well should be filled with the Flyer and Phoenix Feather’s energy.
  • It will then be transferred to the new site after that

A higher corridor

  1. Lift the wooden gear to the right.
  2. Click on a pile of stones to reveal a key.
  3. Pick up the key and come back to the area with the music box.
  4. Once you have returned to the middle settlement, click on the pulley system on the left and insert the wooden gear.
  5. Click on the wooden handle to reveal the wooden plank.
  6. There is now a clear picture.
  7. It will come in handy later.
  8. Turn left to leave the area.
  9. Go down the valley after you have placed the Stone Rune within the pyramid.
  10. To create an image, click on the crystal and then move the base.
  11.  When the right image appears, a beam will shine in the left-hand room.
  12. Go through the door on the left side.

Castle of Death

  1. Give the dwarf Mtgor’s apple after speaking with him.
  2. Talk to the dwarfs and then leave.
  3. Enter the chest with the dough roller by clicking.
  4. In order to get the spinning top, push the two boxes.
  5. Put the armored glove on the glowing orb after clicking on the three stones to recover it.
  6. the tower room again
  7. The person who is waiting for you can be spoken to before moving on.
  8. Press the barrel-mounted, light-filled lens once.
  9. Put the spell scroll to use next.
  10. Finally, you’ve succeeded! The Four Horsemen have been stopped, and you are back in a secure area.

Temple of the Dwarf

  1. The chain can be attached to the statue on the left by clicking it on the floor and doing so.
  2. Subsequent to the statue, a rune stone can be found.
  3. The stone pillar to the right should be used to support the ship’s wheel.
  4. In the statue’s base, retrieve the necessary equipment.
  5. To the right, close to the ship’s hull, on the mechanism.
  6. Incorporate the medal into the statue’s belt.
  7. Use the lever to lower the boards and expose a hidden items area after pressing Return once.
  8. Don’t forget to grab the emerald as you retrieve everything else from the bottom of the screen.
  9. By pressing Return once, you can leave the area.
  10. After turning twice to the right, insert the emerald key.


Lost land four main is a game. He has been all in it what is the game? what is its main menu? what are its general guidelines? what are its functions and how to play academia with its help? Hopefully, All your problems can be solved by looking at this article.

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