Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough

Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough is a beautiful game that takes you into a fascinating world of new puzzles, riddles, and quests. The main setup of the game is that you are a detective who struggles to save the life of a werewolf In a land that is being raided by evil witches. Approach his game with the mind of a detector. Be sure to carefully analyze the instructions and discussions, you will be able to solve all the mysteries of the game.

Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough

The main female character of the game lives a happy life with her parents and brother. Everything changes after the death of their parents, when the younger brother of the mc turns into a werewolf and was kidnapped by the witch. The main objective is to help the mc find her brother. The first step is to follow the wagon by finding hidden objects and hints.

Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough Following the Wagon:

  • Collect the stone from the ground and add it to your inventory. Near the hut’s door, you will see a bucket. Tap on it to add it to the inventor.
    • Select the bucket from the inventory, tie it to the rope, and drop it into the well to take out some water.
    • After getting the water-filled bucket, go to the right side. There you will see a kettle. Break the lock by using the stone, collected earlier.
    • Select the bucket and put it on the horse. Search for the horse equipment. Go back by pressing the back button, Get into the house through the entrance on the left side.

    Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough Enter the Pub:

    Entering through the door, you will enter the pub.

Tap on the counter on the left side and grab the oiler from the drum. On sliding the bowl, you will find a wolf figurine. Collect it too.

Legendary Tales 1 Walkthrough tap the back button, tap on the tail of iron boss painting on the front wall and add the figurine to it, starting a mini-game. Complete the mini-game thrice, by connecting the pipes.

 After solving the puzzle three times, you will unlock a compartment with lots of stuff in it.In Legendary Tales 1 walkthrough you  find the oil lamp from the objects. Now from the inventory, take the oiler and add oil to the lamp.

Bring the oil lamp close to the fire burning on the pillar. Keep the burning lamp back in the inventory. Tap the wire tied to the trapdoor to collect it in the inventory.

Go to the right floor and use the hook, made by the wire, to bring the key out of the crack.

Visit the Small Hut:

Exist the pub. Enter the hut on the right side, using the key retrieved earlier. You will find a whale tail forum ladder and horse equipment in the house. The ladder will be needed it go down the basement of the pub.

Return to the PUB:

After going back to the pub, use the ladder to reach the basement. There you will see many objects. Start finding hidden objects. 


After going down to the basement by using the ladder, you will find a chest of the protagonist’s brother. Now next step is to go through the hidden objects to find the horse equipment.

Find Hidden Objects:

Find the hidden objects and solve the tricky puzzle.

Solving the puzzle will give you a key that can be used to open the chest of the MC’s younger brother. In the chest, you will find a note. Collect the horse equipment too.

Return to Barn:

After collecting all the horse equipment, go back to the barn. Giddy up the horse by the equipment you gathered. Now, you are ready to follow the wagon.

That’s how the first objective of the legendary tales  1 walkthrough is completed. Keep playing to find more thrilling quests and to help find the protagonist her brother.

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  • Is there a legendary tales 3?

    When Castles Collide, The Legendary Tales of the Wizards, Book 3 (Paperback)

  • How many players can play legendary tales?

    A VR action roleplaying game with up to four players is called Legendary Tales. Create your own legendary tales by gathering stuff, enhancing your skills, and battling your way through a dungeon that is always changing.

  • What rank do you have to be to play with legendary?

    To reach these rankings, you must have 6001 CP+, but once you do, your skill level in the game is at its highest. You will be considered Legendary if you have more than 8000 points and rank among the top 5000 players.

  • Can you make a rank 7 legendary?

    In Patch 9.2, there are two ways to raise Legendary items to item level 291 or rank 7. Option 1: At The Runecarver, you can use a Rank 7 base item to enhance an existing Legendary to Rank 7 status. Option 2: Create a brand-new, Rank 7 Legendary object.

  • How much does it cost to get rank 1 Legendary?

    For legendaries, the price in Soul Ash is as follows: Rank 1: 1250 Soul Ash (item level 190). Rank 2: 2000 Soul Ash (item level 210) Rank 3: 3200 Soul Ash (item level 225).