Woods map tarkov

 Escape from Woods Map Tarkov

Woods Map Tarkov, also known as the “Priozersk Natural Reserve,” is a big forested area (thus the name) filled with hills, boulders, and open areas that are ideal for long-range fighting (hills and rocks offer great vantage points for snipers. While open fields tend to turn into kill zones). With 6 to 12 players. With a 45-minute duration and a significant amount of NPC Bandit spawns. Each Attack on the Woods map is unique.

In general, novice players should aim to stay away from the  Woods Map Tarkov unless they have a specific goal in mind.

On this map of  Woods Map Tarkov, there isn’t a lot to gain. It goes without saying that you must fight in (and victory in) some PvP battles if you want to earn good money on  Woods Map Tarkov.

Design of the map

The design of the map encourages long-range fighting and emphasizes. The value of skill advantage. On  Woods Map Tarkov, battles are won with deadly sniper weapons and outstanding sights (not to mention the end-game gear, like Thermal Scope, that allows experienced players to obliterate unsuspecting enemies through soft cover). The Vepr Hunter and zoomed Mosin Nagant are two basic rifles that can be quite effective against Woods.

The PvP-focused nature of the map and the players it attracts make it likely that skilled players will run into competitors who are both more skilled and outfitted than they are (more likely than on Customs or Shoreline, that is).

Interesting Locations

There is a wealth of great inside  Woods Map Tarkov, from hidden caves to hardwood lumber and industrial plants to a plane crash site and a random tank placed there. These are some of the most exciting places to visit (possible loot included).

Note: 1 The full-sized version of the map will open in a new window when left-clicked.

Note: 2 In the future, we intend to greatly expand and detail. This section of the guide (some points of interest that are bulked together might be separated, others will be added, etc.).

West Bunker (ZB-016)

A tiny bunker called ZB-016 is hidden away in the forest. As a potential PMC extraction site. This location is proposed (look for the green smoke outside of the bunker). Visit the removal point carefully. if it’s open because there might be a sleeper inside (this is a very common practice). It is in the second room of the bunker where the rescue point is.

Location: North-west of the plane accident site, on the western side of the  Woods Map Tarkov. The number “1” on our map belongs to the West Bunker.

Potential Gains: Four wooden crates’ load of goods.

The Russian airliner that died was most likely shot down after the battle in Tarkov heated up. Although it doesn’t have a lot of loot, The region in Woods Map Tarkov is one of the more visually appealing ones and serves as a landmark.

One location in  Woods Map Tarkov that screams “something major added here in the future!” is this one. To find out, we must wait.

Location South-east of the West Bunker and west of the Lookout Rock/Spine, in the southwestern portion of the  Woods Map Tarkov. On our map, the plane accident site is marked as point number 3.

Potential spoils You will be let down if you believe there must be valuable loot hidden within the debris. The only thing you can currently find at the plane accident site is some strange, low-value loot.

East Bunker  (ZB-014)

Second of two bunkers tucked away in Woods Map Tarkov. While it functions as an optional attachment point and is known as “Zb-014”. it differs from its western counterpart in that it needs a Key [ZB-014] to unlock it. An external green flare will indicate whether the extraction point is effective. When the extraction is open, this location is also a very popular camping area. However, a portion of it is concealed behind the lock in this bunker, which yields richer loot.

Location  Woods Map Tarkov eastern section is to the northeast of the ritual location. The East Bunker is shown on our Map as “2.”

Roadblock RUAF

A Tank parked nearby makes this former Russian military blockade—RUAF. which most likely refers to the Russian Armed Forces; Ru – Russian, AF – Armed Forces—easily identifiable. If you arrived on the other side of the map, this location acts as a removal point. Given the lack of sufficient protection and the fact that players use the area regularly, the entire area should be treated with caution. Be advised that in clear conditions, the shore just east of the Roadblock offers a fantastic shooting site because it allows for shots on the Shoreline Sniper Rock and inside the Scrapyard (and vice versa).

Location Located in the northwest corner of the woods, far to the north of the Lookout Rock/Spine and to the northeast of the West Bunker. Number “5” on our map marks the location of the RUAF Roadblock.

Potential Gain: The pickup truck, which is sitting right outside the gate, has a backpack on the back. Just east of the block, buried behind the huge boulder, two weapon boxes (close to the shore).

 Looking Rock/Spine

On the map, one of the most deadly sniper positions. It provides a fantastic viewpoint for anyone trying to enter the Factory area, which is located in the middle of the Woods, and it looks over a significant amount of the western side of the Woods. This means that somewhere on these rocks, you’re likely to encounter a sniper (approaching this area from the south is generally the safest option as players are less likely to look in that direction).

Location Near the center of the map, in the southern portion of the woods, to the south-west of the mill and frame shop area, and to the east of the plane crash site. Number “4” on our map designates the Lookout Rock / Spine.

Potential Gain: File system contents and possibly some PvP treasure since this area is particularly well-liked by players. It is located at the camping to the west of the rock.

A lumberyard or mill

A sawmill, wood/plank stores, worker shacks, and a warehouse may be found in  Woods Map Tarkov, an industrialized area. This is by far the most popular spot on the map, not just because it’s in the middle but also because the most loot spawns there, the map’s boss (Shturman; Dead PMCs are frequently a good indicator of his presence because he’s a good sniper and often easily takes down unprepared players), spawns nearby, and he guards the area with two bodyguards (he spawns in roughly 1 in 3 Raids).

Location The Shoreline Sniper Rock is located just southwest of the exact center of the Woods map, east of the west bunker, and west of the east bunker (the area is impossible to miss). On our map, the Mill / Lumberyard is designated as location 7, or 7.

Potential Gain: The following is found inside three shacks in the area’s southwest: First coming from the south, there are two jackets, a rucksack, and some loose treasure. Second, from the south, there is a safe, a grenade box, and some unclaimed treasure. A duffle bag, a weapon crate, some leftover loot, and the East Wing Room 308 Key (San.308) are all within the third one from the south (on the nightstand between the beds).
Shack, also known as the guardhouse, in the north part of the area: A table with an open book and Lab. Violet Keycard [Violet] is home to two jackets, a cabinet, a duffle bag, some loose goods, and other items.

Southeast corner

In the southeast corner of the steel factory, close to the Blue Building/Warehouse, a pickup truck with a weapon crate in the back of it is parked (this is also a Quest Item location). There are two more Weapon Boxes and a few loose things within the Blue building (tools).
Some stray Weapon pieces and a Jacket can be found inside the “Skeleton” (southern covered wood piles).
Common Fund Store items (Shtruman’s stash, only reachable with his key). Just to the northeast of the three shacks, the stockpile is perched on a tyre next to a woodpile.

Reef Sniper Rock

An invisible rock on the edge of the Woods—if you are shot by a sniper while moving close to the water, you can be 99.9% certain the shot originated from here—hence the Rock’s other moniker, “D***head—how suitable”). It is best to approach this region from the east or southeast in order to have trees obscure your path. Because it provides a good view of a significant portion of the map, this campsite area is quite well-liked (including most of the shore).

Location On the beach of the Woods near the center of the map, north of the Ritual Ring and northeast of the Lumberyard. On our map, the Shore Sniper Rock is listed as being at position 6.

Potential Gain: At the base of the rock, there are loot crates. Additionally, directly south of it is a campsite with a pillable medical bag. Additionally, there is a Flashdrive spawn nearby the tent, thus it is always worthwhile to look for it because it sells for a hefty price. The Shore Sniper Rock also provides a fantastic opportunity to obtain a brand-new sniper weapon if you know how to approach a person who is camped there without being noticed.


A place where the local sect conducts Occult Rituals. Where the Cult performs its sacrifices is the circle (which consists of weapons, often high-end ones). This is a locale for the “The Cult – Part 2” quest and one of Tarkov’s more enigmatic neighborhoods. Location center of the woods, northwest of the southern checkpoint, and east of the lumber yard. On our map, the Ceremony location is designated as “9.”.


A place where the local sect practices Occult Rituals. Where the Cult performs its sacrifices is the circle (which consists of weapons, often high-end ones). This is a locale for the “The Cult – Part 2” quest and one of Tarkov’s more fascinating neighborhoods. Location center of the woods, northwest of the southern checkpoint, and east of the lumber yard. On our map, the Ritual location is shown as “9.”

Potential Gain: A jacket can drop under the tree outside the sacred ring, and loose weapons can drop inside the ritual ring (RSASS can spawn here while fully loaded). There is also a Cabinet and a Weapon Crate at the Checkpoint, which is southwest of the Ritual.


In this article we are talking about  Woods Map Tarkov, also called Tarkov Natural Reserve. All guidance explained in this article which tells you all the necessary information and will give you more information step by step first you are told about West Bunker and its location is told Later the plane crash site has been told and its location has also been told, in the same way, many other points have been described in it and you have been informed about the location of each pint after reading this article. You will definitely get to know about the topic that you were looking for. Hope all this information will be useful for you.


How long is a Tarkov in a Woods game?

Woods Map Tarkov General data 40 minutes.

Type Storytime Location 40 Minutes.

What duration is Woods raid?

Woods Map Tarkov Summary Raid lasts for forty minutes.

Size: The game’s largest map, which is packed with outdoor spaces. Shturman, the Cult leader Priest, Big Pipe, Birdeye, and the Knight are the bosses.

What is the longest Tarkov shot?

The longest  Woods Map Tarkov shot is Heading of 562 meters streamable.com/pyfco Before the wipe, I had a headshot of 547m with SV.

Is Tarkov’s Hard Map Woods?

Woods Map Tarkov players of all skill levels may find the Woods map to be challenging and frustrating. Even Tarkov soldiers have a hard time surviving in the dangerous Woods Map Tarkov. For players who are unfamiliar with the characteristics of the terrain, breaking into the raid might be challenging.

What is the easiest map for Tarkov?

Shoreline The greatest Woods Map Tarkov map for new players wishing to learn the game on their PMC character, in my opinion, is Shoreline, despite the tasks in Customs and the treasure in Interchange.

How challenging is tarkov for a novice?

Gameplay-wise, Escape from Woods Map Tarkov is not only not suitable for new players, but also not friendly at all. You might anticipate a difficult start after viewing a few videos and reading a few articles, but you probably have no idea JUST HOW difficult.