Black Blade Kindred

To progress further in the Elden Ring, you must face tougher opponents scattered throughout the lands. Some of these bosses will be optional and will have no bearing on how the story unfolds. However, facing these bosses can grant you incredible weapons and runes, as well as get you used to that boss. Some optional bosses have a more difficult variant, such as Black Blade Kindred, who can be found near the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid.

Black Blade Kindred Overview:

Caelid’s Black Blade Kindred can be found outside the Bestial Sanctum. The boss is optional, and you can continue the story without encountering him. The boss appears twice, once in Caelid and again in Forbidden Lands.

A similar version of the boss appears as a Duo fight in Nokron’s far east, Eternal City. You can enlist the help of Spirit Ashes or online players in this fight. After defeating the boss, you will receive two weapons: the Gargoyle’s Blackblade, which scales well with Dexterity, and the Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, which has an incredible Strength.

Black Blade Kindred Tips

  • Because this boss is entirely optional, you can always continue on with the game and return later when you’re better equipped and higher levelled.
  • While summons rarely last long, they can be an excellent way to gain some breathing room during a fight.
  • The boss’s HP will not regenerate if he ever resets and respawns in front of the Bestial Sanctum.

Elden Ring Black Blade Kindred Location

Due to his extensive repertoire of abilities, Black Blade Kindred is a fierce boss who wields a halberd and is completely destructive.

Since he is a boss that you can choose not to face, skipping him won’t stop you from advancing farther in the game. However, we advise taking on this challenge because the payoff is worthwhile.

Just before arriving at Mountaintops of The Giants, you will first come across Black Blade Kindred. Both Caelid and the Forbidden Lands contain him.

Black Blade Kindred’s Attacks

The boss of the Black Blade Kindred has the following list of strikes at his disposal, along with explanations of how to parry each one.

Sword Thrust

Kindred will slash his blade forward to execute this move. His default manoeuvre is incredibly simple to avoid. To avoid getting struck, simply move to either side.


Another unique attack in Kindred’s repertoire is Roar. Kindred will raise his blade in the air and fire a straight crimson sonic projectile.

The easiest attack to avoid is by far this one. Simply move to either side of the sonic projectile to avoid being struck.

Halberd Twist

Kindred will take the axe off his back and use a twisting strike to deal damage.

Despite its strength, this assault is simple to evade because Kindred will be pulling his axe. Simply retreat and maintain a safe distance when you see Kindred raise his axe to avoid being struck.

Halberd Charge

Halberd Charge is a move that is exclusive to Kindred. Kindred will advance with the Halberd, unleashing devastating blows while completing flame spins, followed by a slam.

This strike has the ability to instantly eliminate an adversary. You’ll see Kindred approaching and should retreat to avoid his attack.

How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred Boss in Elden Ring?

Even though the Black Blade Kindred boss is a fearsome foe, the appropriate strategy can defeat him. By simply following these instructions, you will defeat Kindred by the end of the battle.

Buff up with the Rune Arc, grease, or whatever you have at your disposal to start. You have two choices when it comes to fighting: be aggressive or be cautious. Playing it safe is advised because it is easy and there is a good chance you will win.

However, if you want to play aggressively, be warned that Kindred will make things more difficult for you by stagger you.

Now that the techniques are obvious, let’s discuss how you plan to defend and launch a counterattack. In order to avoid being stunned when blocking, you must always carry a shield when playing defence.

How to Counter Attack?

Here are some ways to combat Kindred. As a general rule, whenever Kindred draws his sword, you should circle him, striking him with light blows whenever you detect an opening.

As soon as he turns to the halberd, retreat and strike with a quick leap anytime you spot an opening.

Almost always, Kindred will launch a 5-attack chain. He will wind down with his head bowed after an attack sequence is complete. Ah! The chance you’ve been looking for is here.

Utilize this opportunity to charge in with a running leap attack that will inflict decent damage and significantly more if you hit his head.

Additionally, you’ll have a split second to attack when Kindred executes the Sword Thrust assault. Profit from this chance to strike a few blows, then retreat to safety.


There are three strategies for this fight:

  • Melee, where you use your strike attacks to your advantage to deal the boss a lot of damage.
  • Being mounted is quite dangerous because you can’t perfectly avoid attacks while still maintaining the necessary distance.
  • He lost a significant portion of his health thanks to magic and sorceries like Comet Azur.

Although it is tricky to pull off, you may also “cheese” the boss and use your horse to make him leap off the cliff.

This fight’s melee technique is rather straightforward. Always remain below the boss to reduce your probability of being hit by his charged strikes. His sword swings, particularly his Sword Combo move, require extra care. Bring any weapon with a high strike damage rating.

If at all feasible, modify your weapon’s scale from Holy, Fire, and Lightning. These affinities can extend the fight and make it more frustrating while only dealing minimal damage to the boss.

Mounted Strategy

The mounted approach is not the best course to take. This is primarily due to the difficulty of avoiding his sweep attacks while mounted. You can retain your distance from the boss and attack him at the ideal moments by sitting on Torrent.

The boss, though, becomes more erratic as a result and employs both of his lethal power charge moves. The mounted tactic is not a terrible choice if you want to utilise sorcery on your horse.

Melee Strategy

This fight’s melee technique is rather straightforward. Always remain below the boss to reduce your probability of being hit by his charged strikes. His sword swings, particularly his Sword Combo move, require extra care. Bring any damaging weapons with you..

Ranged Strategy

To reduce the monster’ health from a distance, you can cast sorceries or incantations on him. The boss responds well to sorcery attacks and takes some damage. As Comet Azur provides significant damage to the boss in a straight line, it is a good choice for Sorcery. However, the boss can repeatedly avoid the Sorcery, wasting a lot of your FP.

The spell does have a sluggish cast speed, so you should try to keep your distance and use the Fire Sling wisely. On the other hand, if your entire build is based on faith and fire incantations, you won’t have much of a choice.


What is the Black Blade Kindred weak to?

Two weapons, the Gargoyle’s Blackblade, which scales nicely with Dexterity, and the Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, an exceptional Strength, are dropped upon defeating the boss. Strike attacks are ineffective against the boss. Scarlet Rot, Poison, Frostbite, and Hemorrhage cannot harm the boss.

How hard is Black Blade Kindred?

Most likely, if you’ve made it to Dragonbarrow, you’ve run into the Black Blade Kindred. This enormous gargoyle has tremendously powerful attacks, but it is also quite tanky and can be difficult to destroy. This is especially true if you discover it in the early going.

Is Black Blade Kindred Parryable?

Unfortunately, the Black Blade Kindred is impossible to parry. What is immune to the Black Blade Kindred? It is resistant to Frostbite, Hemorrhage, Scarlet Rot, and Poison.

How do you deflect the black blade?

By functioning as a parry, the Blasphemous Claw can be utilised to block the Black Blade’s power. can block certain Maliketh melee assaults. Before assaults that can be parried, his sword will briefly glow yellow. Prior to his projectile assaults, his blade likewise glows white, but these do not appear to be comparable.

What is the hardest boss in Elden Ring?

Malenia, Blade Of Miquella

Malenia is regarded as the toughest boss in Elden Ring despite not being the enormous monster that Starscourge Radahn is.