Carian Study Hall


Getting through the Carian Study Hall walkthrough: All the information you need to know.

a globe and an inverted statue in the Carian Study Hall’s Elden Ring

For magic users and risk-takers. Elden Ring offers the Carian Study Hall, a small, optional dungeon. It is where you enter the Divine Tower of Liguria, which is situated in East Liurnia of the Lakes. Though there aren’t many enemies in the study hall, which is comparatively small, one of the game’s toughest enemies can be found there because it constantly spams magic attacks

Preceptor Miriam of Carian Study Hall walkthrough can be defeated in both the upright and upside-down versions, as will be detailed in this guide. How to navigate the study hall will also be demonstrated.

Location of the Carian Study Hall

The Academy of Raya Lucaria is to the east, and there is the Carian Study Hall walkthrough. On the map below, you can also see the precise position of the Study Hall.

Once you enter the area, you will also find a Site of Grace that will speed up your journey back to it. Just make your way across the mountains to reach there.

You’ll see that the altar has a vacant spot as you enter the hall. The item needed to invert the Carian Study Hall and finish the puzzle is kept in this location.

It is the Carian Inverted Statue that must be placed there in order to invert the Carian Study Hall. Now

How to Get the Inverted Carian Statue

As a reward for completing the Elden Ring’s main questline, you can obtain this item. You will find the Fingerslayer Blade at the area’s end once you begin Ranni’s quest line and explore Akron.

You will give Ranni the item she needs in order to continue with her own questline. She will then proceed to negotiate a deal with you, as part of which she will give you the Carian  Study Hall walkthrough Inverted Statue.

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall’s Solution to the Puzzle

The Carian Study Hall puzzle can be solved by flipping the structure once you acquire the Carian Inverted Statue, which you must set on the altar’s open slot. However, there is a Boss waiting for you when you return to the inverted study hall.

When you arrive at the Carian Hall, Preceptor Miriam will appear. She is a very annoying boss because she teleports all the time. You’re going to find the combat frustrating because she’s going to be summoning some spirit troops to aid her in the fight.

In order to proceed to the next level, we advise you to first deal with the Glinstone Staff on the right side and then go to the lift behind the bookcase.

You will fight Miriam here once again, and if you triumph, you can return to the Main Hall. The Carian Inverted Statue should be set on the Pedestal that has the needed component.

You can get to Liurnia’s Divine Tower by doing this. To find a key that is crucial to the ending of “The Cursemark of Death,” you must battle some bosses to reach the tower’s peak.

Guide to the Inverted Carian Study Hall

The Carian Inverted Statue is what you’ll need to invert the Carian Study Hall walkthrough. As payment for offering Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade, you receive it. The statue can be inserted by simply interacting with the desk in front of the Study Hall Entrance Site of Grace. The study hall can be restored to its previous state at any moment by removing the statue. If you want to go back and do more research, you can always flip it.

The wooden lift won’t be where it was when it’s inverted. Instead, you must drop down and hug the left wall. Three little Fingercreepers will be located right within the window opening.

Be ready to deal with these guys because they can easily knock you down and trap you inside that small space. You can make an effort to entice them outside or ranged attack them before entering. Before continuing, you should take care of them because if not, they might later present a problem.

You should turn left and walk along the wall as you leave the room through the window. There is a second Preceptor Miriam to battle at this point, as you will see. For the time being, we’ll describe how to get to the tower from the study hall’s end.

Hug the wall and descend when you reach the left wall’s end. You are now in perilous proximity to Preceptor Miriam. You have the option of meeting her here or moving on. But watch out for other adversaries. You have to gently jump down onto the chandeliers to proceed through the study hall. Drop one by one onto the rafters with care after being on the chandelier. You must land on a wooden elevator that is located at the bottom. You can access the Divine Tower of Liurnia via this elevator.

The Divine Tower of Liurnia contains what.

Visiting divine towers in Elden Ring will allow you to reactivate the Great Runes that fallen demigods have given you. Renna dropped a few Great Runes, but only one of them is an exception because it’s already in use when you get it.

At this tower, it is actually impossible to restore any Great Runes. Instead, you’ll encounter a tall, charred woman who is thought to be Ranni’s actual body when you go to the top of the structure. A Cursemark of Death is available for pickup on it.


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What’s the point of the Carian study hall?

The Carian Study Hall features a hidden area that leads to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. You must have progressed far enough in Ranni’s questline for her to grant you the Carian Inverted Statue. A cutscene will play if you place this statue on the pedestal in front of the Celestial Globe near the entrance to the study hall.

What fits on the pedestal in Carian study hall?

What object do you need to place on the pedestal in Elden Ring’s Carian Study Hall? The Carian Inverted Statues are required for the pedestal in front of the globe in the Carian Study Hall.

How do you lower the Carian study hall lift?

To access the Inverted Carian Study Hall, use the Inverted Statue at the beginning of the Carian Study Hall. The entire tower will turn upside down, and you will be able to reach the top by “dropping” down. Manoeuvre carefully to the rafters and descend to the lift below.