Bungie group finder

From the Group page on Bungie. net, users can explore already-existing Bungie Group Finder or perform a search for a particular Group. Up to 50 Groups are available for users to join, and users can request to join a group by clicking the Interact icon on the group’s profile. Users who ask to join Groups with open enrollment are immediately added to the Group.

There are two different sorts of communities: Bungie. net Groups and Destiny Clans. Clan members can play and advance together, interact, manage, and develop their community in Destiny Clans, which are communities that can be accessed in-game. For further information, check the Destiny 2 Clans Guide.

On Bungie. net, groups are user-created and user-managed communities. Groups offer a variety of tools that help the community of users within the Bungie Group Finder to interact, organize, and grow. Please read the information below for further details on group features, engaging with groups, and the resources available to group founders and administrators.

Group Qualities

The Bungie .net Groups feature set is focused on facilitating user communication within the groups they have chosen.

Group Forum Wall Chat

  • Members of the Group can communicate in real time via the Group Wall, a live chat board. Through the Admin Tools, the Administrators of a Group can disable or limit access to the Group Wall.

So long as the Group Wall has had at least one message sent to it from a web browser, 

  • Members can use the Group Messages feature in the Destiny Companion Mobile App to access the Group Wall chat. Please be aware that, aside from the aforementioned Group Wall Chat functionality, all Group interactions are now only accessible through Bungie. net through a web browser.

Working with Groups

The “Interact” button is included on all Group profile pages for each Group and enables users to join, leave, or report the Group.

From the Group page on Bungie.net, users can explore already-existing Groups or perform a search for a particular Bungie Group Finder.

Up to 50 Groups are available for users to join, and users can request to join a group by clicking the Interact icon on the group’s profile.

Users who ask to join Groups with open enrollment are immediately added to the Group.

Requesting membership in a group with selective enrollment will alert the group’s administrators to the pending membership request, which they must either approve or reject.Those who attempt to request something

Important Group Data

The most important details about Groups are shown here.

  1. Removal of a Group: All group members, including the founder and administrators, must quit the group or be expelled in order for it to be deleted.
  2. Users who have been barred from the group will no longer be included on its roster and will no longer be members.
  3.  Users have the option to report a Group profile for breaking the Code of Conduct. The reported Group could have access to modifying its Group profile or settings restricted if Bungie .net moderators decide that disciplinary action is required.
  1. All Group interactions and features are presently only accessible through Bungie. net on a web browser, with the exception of the Group Wall Chat functionality that was previously described
  1. Reclaim Founder Title: In the event that the original Group Founder decides to leave the Group, the Founder status will be given to either an Admin, if one is available, or to a current Group member. The current Group Founder must allow the Original Founder back into the Group,

   6     upgrade the Original Founder to Admin, downgrade all other Admins to regular Group

          members, and then resign from the Group in order to regain Founder Status.      Getting into a Guided Game

  • Each role’s entry requirements are distinct, and players can enter Guided Games as either a Seeker or a Guide.


  • If the Power level and other entry conditions mentioned on the activity tooltip are met, players can enter a Guided Game as a Seeker.
  •  Regardless of their affiliation with a Clan, players can be Seekers.
  • For the requested activity, players must have at least one Guided Game Ticket in order to join as a Seeker.
  • For guided games, seeker tickets are updated during the seasonal reset.


  • If a player satisfies the Power level and further entry conditions given on the activity tooltip, they may join a Guide Fireteam and play in a Guided Game.
  • A Clan must have at least half of the members of the Guide Fireteam come from the same Clan in order to organize a Guided Game (i.e. 3 and 4-player Fireteams must have at least 2 Clan members; a 6-player Fireteam must have at least 3 Clan Members).
  • Players from Clans other than the one hosting the Guide Fireteam may join it if the team satisfies the aforementioned Clan conditions.

The score for the Guardian Oath and Oathkeeper

  • Before starting a Guided Game, Seekers and Guides take the Guardian Oath, which is a code of conduct.
  • Guardian Oath: Before starting a Guided Game, both Seekers and Guides will be asked to affirm the Guardian Oath and pledge to be Friendly, Willing to Learn/Teach, Helpful, Attentive, and Observant.


  • By completing Guided Game tasks, a Clan’s Oathkeeper Score indicates how successfully they uphold the Guardian Oath. In Destiny 2, as well as in the Destiny Companion on Bungie.net and the Mobile App,

 Warnings and Bans for Guided Games.

The community moderation staff has the authority to warn or ban a Clan for violating the Code of Conduct. If they are determined to have content in their Clan Culture fields (such as their Clan Motto, Mission Statement, Name, or Tag). All content in the Clan Culture area will be removed when moderation is applied to a Clan, and until the Clan Culture field has been updated to comply with the Code of Conduct, no Clan member will be able to conduct a Guided Game



The Clan will be allowed to modify their culture fields right away if they have received a warning.

Bans: During the course of a Ban, a Clan will not be permitted to modify its culture field. 7 days, 30 days, or a permanent ban are all possible options.


How to Find and Join Bungie Group Finder lists all the things that can help you join a Bungie group finder and you quickly join a Bungie group finder by clicking on their profile. It can be chatted and friends can play it with each other thus developing the game by expanding and those who want to join the group are soon added to the group.


In Destiny 2, is there a group finder?

While finding a Fireteam in Destiny 2 has been straightforward if you have a fixed group of pals to play with, this is not always the case. Bungie thankfully confirmed during its Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 webcast that Destiny 2 will introduce a Looking-For-Group feature starting next year.

How can I find a group to play games with?

Look into the various local video game groups that are available. On the website Meetup, you may locate various groups of individuals to “meet up” with in person.