Ballistics MHR

Not your father’s Model 700, this gun. The Christensen Arms MHR (Modern Hunting Rifle) is a high-end interpretation of the contemporary hunting rifle that incorporates the most modern manufacturing techniques and components. The MHR is a premium hunting build that combines the newest and best build concepts into an exciting, albeit pricey, package.

Details of the MHR Christensen Arms

A small chassis system made of aluminum is featured on the MHR. For the greatest accuracy potential in a number of tested cartridges, V-block bedding is used. On a completely modular chassis, Christensen Arms focused on ergonomics. Customization for shooter fit or positional shooting is provided by the FFT stock, forearm, and grip.

Jason Christensen, CEO of Christensen Arms, noted that conservation is a top priority. Flash Forged Technology contributes to a more sustainable environment by reducing energy use and waste. “FFT is actually 100% zero-waste manufacturing because it doesn’t produce any harmful toxins or pollutants and uses virgin recyclable materials and automated procedures. By lessening our influence on the environment, safeguarding our lands for future generations, and producing a better product, this innovative technology supports our effort to conserve animals.

The Ballistics MHR platform comes with a specially crafted receiver and a black Nitride Finish Skeletonized Bolt Handle with FFT Carbon Fiber Bolt Knob. The smooth break and adjustable pull length of a Custom Trigger Tech Trigger are features. The whole thing is supported by a billet chassis structure made of 7075 aluminum. With M-LOK attachment, QD slots, and Picatinny mounts, an FFT Carbon Fiber Forearm offers exceptional functionality.

With a detachable stainless steel side baffle brake, the 416R stainless steel aero-grade carbon fiber-wrapped barrel is equipped. 5/224 threads are present on the barrel to install a silencer. Tungsten Cerakote, Desert Brown, and Black. Anodized is available to finish options. Christensen’s sub-MOA accuracy guarantee is also included with the Ballistics MHR.


Is there high rank armor in MHR?

All of the High Rank armour sets that are currently accessible in Monster Hunter Rise are listed on this page. You can learn more about each type of armour, including the skills that are attributed to it.

How does dereliction work MHR?

A Qurio, a bright butterfly-like creature that is released by dereliction, flies around the player and depletes their health. A second and third Qurio will spawn when a certain amount of time has passed, each one speeding up the health loss. Even while the Qurio can reduce the player’s health to zero, they cannot actually kill the player.

What is the strongest long sword in MHR?

There may not be a clear-cut “greatest” longsword in the game, but the Phantom Mirage currently rules the high-rank scene due to its superb versatility. It already has great affinity, excellent blue sharpness, and exceptionally high raw damage.

How do you trigger latent power MHR?

The moment you draw your weapon in the presence of a beast, Latent Power appears to begin to build up. Latent Power begins to work about three minutes after your weapon is pulled, even if there is no physical contact between you and the monster (either from you hitting it or vice versa).