A U Reborn Walkthrough

Hi guys, welcome to our A U Reborn Walkthrough. In this AU Reborn Guide, we will tell you about AU Reborn Controls & Movements, AU Reborn Dollars, AU Reborn Tokens, AU Reborn Game Modes Basics, and A U Reborn. Training Mode Guide, Au Reborn Battle Pass Characters, Au Reborn Kokushibo Guide, Au Reborn Uzui Tengen  Guide

So come and take a look at this AU Reborn Beginners Guide.

Tips and tricks A U Reborn Walkthrough control and movements:

The basic tips and tricks are given below:

LMB(Left Mouse Button) they used to start and blend or to end them

G – Awakening, Purple bar below HP Bar, it can be gained through dealing damage, once it’s filled up you can press G to awaken or to unleash your ultimate move.

F-Blocking,Used to block attacks. Some attacks, can hit you, watch broken. Shocking you enough opponent to begin a combination.

Q – Dash, Used to dash right at your enemy or to avoid attacks, Can be used twice before going on cooldown (When below 25% HP you can only dash once)

F (0.25s Time Window) – Perfect Blocking, It happens when you block a certain attack at the exact moment, stunning the enemy, allowing you to start a combination.

AU Reborn Guide -Dollars

Can be used to buy characters in the personality of rooster pages.

You get cash whenever you kill someone in any game mode you can additionally get dollars from winning game modes with the rates beginning at 2 dollars a kill and 10 dollars a win.

AU Reborn Guide-Tokens 

Currency used to buy, as of now,the part shown on the Anime girl summer web page.

You get a token each time you beat senator Armstrong’s boss, for additional data regarding him enjoying the gamemode web pages.

What Is a ” Au Reborn Resolve”

When a character in an anime (typically the main character) is on the verge of losing a battle but then unleashes a resolution or potent counterattack to triumph, that is when the plot armor known as Au Reborn Resolve is used.

AU Reborn Unlock Characters – Battle Pass Characters

To unlock these characters you need to reach a certain tier of the Battle pass

  • Uzui Tengen: via tier 1 of the battle pass (400 robux)
  • Kokushibo: via tier 25 of the battle pass (400 robux)
  • Rengoku: via tier 50 of the battle pass (400 robux)

The Battle Pass possesses 50 tiers, with the last one being the Rengoku character. Obtain the battle pass by spending 400 robux or buy a single tier for 40 robux.

Expired Codes

  • !code 5k likes – Free Cash and Tokens
  • !code 10 likes – Free Cash and Tokens


They have put most of the latest border and complete codes for A U Reborn Walkthrough that will be redeemed in this article. I have found all the modern codes for the roblox AU Reborn right here so I am hoping they are helpful. 


  • What are the codes for AU reborn?

    Free Cash and Tokens with Active AU Reborn Code 40klikes.
    Free Cash and Tokens with coupon 30klikes.
    Free Cash and Tokens with code 20klikes.
    Free Cash and Tokens with code 10klikes.
    Free Cash and Tokens with coupon 5klikes.

  • What are the codes for King legacy?

    Codes in use: UPDATE 5.0.2 is a gem.
    50 gems for HYDRAGLYPHICS.
    Reset stats for 900K LIKES.
    Five jewels for UPDATE4
    Peodiz: $100,000 cash.
    DinoxLive: $100,000 in cash.

  • Who is the best character in Au reborn?

    SS TIER 1
    Shisui. Shisui, sometimes known as Issei, is undoubtedly well-known to Naruto fans. Issei is still one of AU Reborn’s top heroes, even though he is not as well-liked as Shisui. The most potent character in AU Reborn is Jonsey, despite the fact that Fubuki is third in the SS tier.

  • What is boost Roblox?

    Awarded by moderators or administrators to players who are exceptionally helpful or supportive of the game. will grant you in-game bonuses. given by moderators or administrators to players who are exceptionally helpful or supportive of the game.